What We Stand For

We are pioneering solutions for plastic recycling and delivering 100% traceable and sustainable textiles.


An astonishing eight million tons of plastic waste enters the oceans every year. This is unacceptable and we are determined to do something about it. By applying our skills and expertise in plastic waste recycling technology we develop solutions to transform plastic waste into new textiles. This has resulted in a wide range of high quality fabrics for all kinds of applications. Our offer shows how versatile recycled polyester can be and how it varies from fabrics for high fashion, sportswear, interior, packaging and many more to come.

Environmental impact improving people’s lives

Making the world a better place goes beyond recycling and environmental impact, it is equally as much about improving people’s lives. This belief has always motivated us to ensure responsible social practices in the communities where we operate. Together with our partners, we seek opportunities to create jobs that make people financially more robust and independent. Our projects aim to provide people with confidence in learning news skills. One of our best practices is the Waste2Weave project, which is a social program to empower women in rural India.

Together we challenge
the industry and
make textile and
fashion a force for good

Collaboration is key

In the past ten years Waste2Wear has built up a wealth of experience and knowhow about transforming plastic waste into innovative textiles. Partnerships and cross functional collaborations are key to making a positive impact on the planet.


We’ve taken transparency to the next level.

Throughout our complete value chain  we show how Waste2Wear® fabrics and textile products positively impact your company’s sustainability performance. Read about our complience, certifications and discover how we integrate blockchain technology.

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Co-creation towards a circular economy

Committed to tackle plastic waste problem, Waste2Wear brings together stakeholders, such as universities, research institutions, governments, brands and textile companies, to create synergies and co-create new solutions towards a circular economy.

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Do you have a question?

In the past decade, we have built-up a wealth of experience in recycling plastic waste into fancy fabrics and finished textile products.  In co-creation processes we are happy to share our expertise. For your current questions we will update our latest findings in our FAQ section. Feel free to contact us for any educational needs.


Doing Business for Good

We believe in doing business for good. That may sound easy, but in practice it means you will face dilemmas. We manage those by staying true to who we are. That’s why we believe a good business relationship starts with talking about values. Reach out to us, let’s talk and start doing business for good!