RPET verification service

We Are Pioneers

Recycling targets have already been laid down in Europe since 1994. The “Single-Use Plastics Directive 2”, for example, says that it is appropriate to call for a minimum content of recycled material in plastic bottles.

Nowadays, the fabric market is facing an increasing challenge: With rising demand for recycled materials, virgin polyester is sold with the claim that it is RPET. Many buyers believe they are using RPET when they are in fact not. 

To address this issue, Waste2Wear has developed the RA-3 Process, the worlds first patent-pending test method to ensure RPET products are genuinely made from recycled plastic bottles.

The method is certified by the German testing company WESSLING to be a correct and efficient way of testing samples to prove that they are made from recycled plastic bottles.

The Challenges With RPET

Prove the legitimacy of your RPET fabrics!

  • It is estimated that more than 50% of what is marked and sold as RPET is made from virgin polyester
  • With sustainability and transparency becoming essential to businesses and consumers, it is necessary to stop fake RPET entering the market 
  • With the RA-3 test it can be proved with 100% certainty if a sample is made from recycled plastic bottles
  • A sample which is tested and receives a 3rd party verification by German certification WESSLING is 100% safe to market and sell as RPET

How The RA-3 Process Works

RA-3 is short for Three Step Recycling Assurance process. The testing consists of chemical analysis, microscopic assessment, and document validation. When the materials have passed the testing, customers receive a certificate together with the testing reports.


RA-3 Process


Get in touch today and help your brand to test its products and prove its sustainable claims!

Benefits & Solutions

The RA-3 assurance verified by WESSLING

  • 100% proves if the RPET material is made from recycled plastic bottles;
  • Verifies the percentage of polyester that is made from recycled bottles, and what is made of virgin material;
  • Can be applied to fibres, yarns, fabrics, and finished products;
  • Is available for any company that aims to guarantee the veracity of their sustainable claim, assuring that their RPET products are truly made from recycled plastic bottles;
  • Is a 3rd party assurance verified by global leading testing and consulting company WESSLING.

Choose RA-3

Know what you are working with

With the RA-3 certification, you ensure that you sell RPET when this is what you have ordered. Your marketing promise and sustainability claim are aligned to best serve your company’s targets.

It’s a reliable verification

By proving that your company uses materials made from recycled plastic bottles and what percentage of it is RPET, you guarantee that your recycled content is aligned with your brands’ and retailers’ communication.

Third-Party Certification

RA-3 testing method has been verified by German testing and consulting company WESSLING. 

WESSLING is a German testing laboratory and consulting company with a total of 1600 employees across 9 countries. The company has a broad range of experts and testing capabilities. WESSLING covers 40 different areas, all related to Quality, Safety, Health, and Environment.

This not only enables us to offer 3rd party verification of our products – we can test any sample of swatch from anywhere in the world!


Test your RPET with us

Any sample or swatch can be sent to us for testing in our Shanghai lab.

Reach out to Ra3.lab@waste2wear.com for inquiries.