Testing service

Verify your RPET

Since RPET has become in high demand, and is priced higher than virgin polyester materials, there are unfortunately many suppliers of polyester who claim that their products are made from recycled plastics, while it is in fact not. Some estimate that more than 50% of what is marked and sold as RPET is actually made from virgin polyester.

Based on the knowledge and experience with working with RPET and polyester, the team at Waste2Wear has developed a unique process to verify the authenticity of RPET materials. Through a chemical process, we are able to verify

A) If the polyester is made from recycled bottles

B) How large percentage is made from recycled bottles

Although we control our own supply chain, we test our own products to ensure that no virgin materials have been mixed with our RPET.

We also offer this as a service to any brand or company who wants to verify that what they sell as RPET actually comes from recycled bottles.


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