Interior textiles

Upholstery, Curtains, and Interior Designs

The upholstery, curtain, and interior design industry has historically been quite conservative. Developments in this industry regarding sustainable materials typically involve the use of organic cotton and improved dyestuffs and chemicals. However, using sustainable interior textiles made from RPET provides much higher energy savings when compared to cotton and other materials.

One of the players who have realized this is IKEA. The global furniture giant has committed to not use and virgin polyester by 2030.

In keeping our eye on innovation, back in 2017 Waste2Wear started to develop a series of products for some key clients at the cutting edge of this industry. These clients were determined to meet their customer’s demands for the highest quality sustainable materials.

In 2018, the first range of sustainable interior textiles made out of 100% RPET was produced. The beauty of this industry is that it requires a lot of fabrics, that are relatively thick and heavy plus the styles do not change as frequently as fashion items. These combined factors mean that large quantities of plastic waste can be taken out of the environment and live on for a long time inside our homes and offices. This makes a huge positive impact on our world.

Waste2Wear has a long-standing relationship with Tenacity Flooring, a global leader in the mid to high-end range of the industry. In 2019, in answer to the demand to create more safe and sustainable under floors, together we developed and they launched the first 100% recycled underfloor for laminates under the new brand name NET Plus Flooring. These products are entirely mold resistant and extremely soundproof making them best in class.

In 2019, Textaafoam, a leading European upholstery company, conducted a client survey to establish key decision-making factors. It became apparent their socially conscious client base wanted more environmentally friendly options. This led to a fruitful collaboration with Waste2Wear whereby they launched two separate RPET brands under the names ‘Regain’ and ‘Soil’. These high-quality, stylish, and durable fabrics were launched in January 2020.


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