Innovative high-quality fabrics made from recycled plastics

Using fabrics made from recycled plastic waste is an easy but very urgent step in your sustainability roadmap. As almost any fabric can be developed with recycled polyester yarn, you are able to save valuable resources such as energy and water with your buying decisions.

Comfortable and easy care

Our 100% recycled polyester fabrics are made from very high twisted filament yarns, with a high number of fibers. This increases  breathability and makes them very comfortable to wear. We have in this way  created special sportswear fabrics which have 8 times better moist transport and breathability than the common Standard.

See how plastic
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great new fabrics

Opt-in for the environmentally friendly version!

Did you know that over 50 % of all fibres used for textiles are made from non renewable fossil fuels

We offer you the opportunity to opt-in for the environmentally friendly version. Polyester fabrics made from recycled plastic waste that is saved from landfills and partly retrieved from the ocean. With the Waste2Wear® Blockchain technology and certifications in every step of the value chain, we provide full transparency and traceability. This way we leave no doubt about the post-consumer origin of our products and whether they were made in a responsible way.

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Preview the Waste2Wear® Fabric catalogue, which will be launched soon: