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Experience the versatility of recycled polyester textiles

Transforming plastic waste into innovative fabrics and textile products is not only our passion; it’s our core business.
Our flexible and fully customized service will meet your needs, while ensuring responsible practices and a positive impact on the environment. We’d love you to join us and support our call to action. Let’s replace all virgin polyester with recycled options. Together we can!


Innovative, high quality textiles

Since 2008 we have been creating innovative, high quality fabrics. One of the components of our Waste2Wear® fabrics is always recycled plastic and we are able to combine this with other fibres for woven, non-woven and knitted textiles. The Waste2Wear Ocean Plastic Project enabled us to establish a steady supply of ocean waste as resource for our Waste2Wear®Ocean Fabrics. Have a look at our fabric offer.

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We originally come from fashion!

As a high-end producer of fashion, sportswear, workwear and uniforms we recognized the enormous potential of recycled polyester fabrics a long time ago. We now combine our experience as a product developer with our expertise in recycled polyester fabrics to offer the best supply chain possible for your apparel requirements.

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Bags & Accessories

From bags, to scarves to merchandising products. You name it, we make it

We can make any type of bag, think backpacks, shoppers, tote bags, fashion bags and many more. We also offer different kinds of scarves, all kind of merchandising products such us laptop sleeves, trolley’s, caps, etc. Get in contact to explore what we can do for you.

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Many different fabrics are used in and around our homes

Fabrics for the interior industry have one thing in common: they all have high requirements for longevity and colorfastness. With dedicated partners we co-create and produce fabric collections for upholstery, curtains, and many more to come.

Our approach is
based on true

We closely collaborate with our partners and develop tailored-made fabrics and textile products that are a real solution to plastic waste. Our fabrics are used for many different applications, from high fashion to sturdy couches. Get in contact with us to discuss opportunities for your business.


Get inspired by best practices in the field of innovative and circular fashion and textiles.

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