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High-quality Innovative Fabrics Made From Recycled Plastics.

Every day millions of plastic bottles are being thrown away, meanwhile, those bottles can be a viable, eco-friendly, and sustainable resource! We are damaging and polluting our planet, and that is exactly why we need to be more responsible and take care of Earth. We need to rethink how we use our valuable resources, and recycle plastics is one of them. We believe that waste is only waste when we don’t do anything with it, and with our innovative spirit and technology, we turn waste into innovative fabrics.

Making high-quality recycled fabrics and recycled textiles from plastic requires deep knowledge within several areas: From the characteristics of plastics in bottles to the dying of fabrics with the unique qualities of recycled polyester. 

In Waste2Wear we not only create innovative fabrics made from recycled bottles, but we also use them in combination with other equally sensible materials (such as eco-friendly cotton, organic cotton, wool, or viscose) to create a wide range of sustainable fabric options. Our product range is from silk-like, high-end polyester, to sturdy shopping bags made from RPP.

We can provide recycled textiles to factories producing finished goods, already with full blockchain verification. We can compose a value chain from plastic bottles to finished products produced at our partner factories in China.

We ensure this by implementing blockchain technology and third-party certifications across our value chain, from collecting plastic waste to the end product, while being flexible and able to offer businesses a fully customized service. Pioneering, collaborative, and solution-driven is how we inspire others to become more circular and sustainable (link to about us)

We operate across four business areas: Promotional Business, Apparel and Accessories, Interiors and Other (including hard plastics, packaging, and industrial applications).


We originally come from fashion!

As a high-end producer of fashion, sportswear, workwear, and uniforms we recognized the enormous potential of recycled polyester fabrics a long time ago. We now combine our experience as a product developer with our expertise in recycled fabrics to offer the best supply chain possible for your apparel requirements.

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Promotional business

Promotional Merchandise

The promotional industry has an important role in supporting brands to engage with their customers. Sustainability has historically not been in focus for promotional merchandise, but as in most other industries, this is changing rapidly.

By using recycled plastics to make t-shirts, towels, bags, pens – you name it – brands can move towards circularity also in their marketing activities. At Waste2Wear we are more than happy to see an increasing number of global brands reaching out to us for creating such products together.

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Many different fabrics are used in and around our homes

Fabrics for the interior industry have one thing in common: they all have high requirements for longevity and colorfastness. With dedicated partners we co-create and produce fabric collections for upholstery, curtains, and many more to come.

Testing service

Verify that your RPET is actually made from recycled bottles

It is estimated that 50% of what is sold as RPET is fake, and comes from virgin polyester. The team at Waste2Wear has developed a unique, patent-pending process to verify if the fabric is made from RPET. The process is called RA3, as it is based on a three-step chemical verification. We analyse in our lab. If you are interested in having your RPET materials verified, please be in touch.

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Our approach is
based on true

We closely collaborate with our partners and develop tailored-made fabrics and textile products that are a real solution to plastic waste. Our fabrics are used for many different applications, from high fashion to sturdy couches. Get in contact with us to discuss opportunities for your business.


Get inspired by best practices in the field of innovative and circular fashion and textiles.

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