Waste2Wear Wins World Sustainability Awards

Waste2Wear has won first place at the highly coveted World Sustainability Awards in the sustainable supply chain category. This distinguished award was earned in recognition of their innovatively developed blockchain technology to measure and locate every step of each supply chain to ensure full transparency and compliance. 


Nine esteemed judges from various professional backgrounds recognized Waste2Wear for this unique tool. They bestowed this award for the transparency that blockchain provides to all consumer goods clients. This includes clear details of all materials used in each production run including every supplier’s compliance and geographic location. To win this award amongst such high caliber entries, is truly a global milestone for Waste2Wear and a benchmark for excellence in the industry. 

Since 2007, Waste2Wear has been passionate about creating sustainable solutions mainly for the textile industry.  They have recycled millions of post-consumer plastic bottles (RPET) and polypropylene (RPP) from used domestic appliances such as fridges and washing machines into products ranging from bags, floor underlays, upholstery, curtains, work wear, to high-end fashion and sportswear for many global brands.

CEO and founder of Waste2Wear, Monique Maissan stated: “A transparent supply chain is key to doing business for good. It is absolutely essential to guarantee that the origin of the products is really made from recycled materials and produced in a compliant and sustainable way.  We are truly honored to be recognized to win this prestigious award.” 

She added: “Blockchain transparency is the only way to show that all products and players in production are compliant, and by doing so, it eliminates the risk of fraudulent practices, in the often opaque supply chains of the recycling industry.   Our blockchain gives our clients confidence in what is delivered and protects them from false claims. We can provide this service to any company whether or not they are a client of ours.”

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