Waste2Wear Wins Sustainable Business Award

For the second year running, Waste2Wear has won the European Union Chamber of Commerce (EUCC) Sustainable Business Award under the category of “Resilient Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure Leader”. This prestigious award was earned in recognition of their Recycling Assurance Three Step (RA-3) testing method.

RA-3 is a patent-pending test developed by Waste2Wear and verified by esteemed testing and consulting company Wessling, that identifies if products are made from recycled plastic bottles and to what percentage. A product (piece of fabric, yarn, fibre or even hard plastic) allegedly made from recycled plastic bottles can be tested by Waste2Wear, overseen by Wessing. Only products that contain recycled material, receive a highly coveted RA-3 certificate.

The 11 judges from various professional backgrounds recognized Waste2Wear for their unending dedication towards corporate social values by bestowing this award. Since 2007, Waste2Wear has been passionate about creating sustainable solutions for the textile industry.  They have recycled millions of post-consumer plastic bottles (RPET) and polypropylene (from used domestic appliances such as fridges and washing machines) into products ranging from bags, floor underlays, curtains, workwear, and high-end fashion.

Creative Director and head of R&D, for Waste2Wear, Eduardo Garza stated: “This year 56 diverse companies applied to win one of these awards, so it is a special honor to be recognized for a second year running for our various contributions to the environment.”

He added: “Over the last decade, we have witnessed a transformation in many industries towards circularity and the use of recycled materials. This however has created an opportunity for dishonest players to use fraudulent practices, particularly in the recycling industry, to bring to market products claiming to be recycled when they are not. Our R&D team developed the RA3 test which is the only test in the world that clearly identifies genuine RPET from fakes.”

Waste2Wear founder, Monique Maissan stated: “We believe that the future is circular, and many industries will continue shifting towards circular production and materials. But trust is essential to reach this. Our goal is to create trust between the recycling stakeholders, purchasers and end consumers by creating innovative tools that generate reliable and verifiable data to support these efforts creating transparency and traceability. We do this with both our RA-3 test and our blockchain technology.”

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