Waste2Wear Presents: the Cooling Polyester

The R&D department at Waste2Wear created a unique cooling fabric that is currently being made into summer bedding for a client in South Korea. Eva Zhu’s (Business Unit Manager) fluent Korean has given her the ability to work closely with her client to develop this new product line.


The Korean customer is selling a lot of bedsheets, covers etc in their summer collection. One of the hottest products is a cooling mattress protector (pun intended…). Their current models are made with virgin polyester, and they want to replace this with a more sustainable option. They reached out to Eva, and she started working with Waste2Wear partners in China to develop this new product. The magic which makes the sheets transport heat away from your body, is that cooling fibres are mixed with Waste2Wear RPET. When touching the finished product, you feel the cooling effect straight away!


The customer is also very excited about Waste2Wear’s blockchain, and plan to launch a full collection co-branded with us.


Eva looks forward to trying out the new cold recycled polyester products herself as summer in Shanghai is very hot.

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