Waste2Wear enters the interior market with a 100% recycled curtain collection

Press, 5.01.2020

The curtains are made of 100% of recycled plastic waste bottles, of which at least 30% is recovered from the Chinese coast lines and oceans

Heimtextil, Frankfurt

At the international trade fair, Heimtextil in Frankfurt, starting on 7 January, Waste2Wear® Ocean Fabrics will be presented through the first recycled curtain collection of curtain specialist Texco Textiles. It’s the first time Waste2Wear Fabrics will be used on a large scale in the interior industry. As interest in sustainable production in the interior industry is increasing, soon we’ll announce more collaborations.


Co-Creation of Curtain Collection

After an intensive co-creation process, Waste2Wear Fabrics will be launched by Texco Textiles at Heimtextil from the 7th to the 10th of January 2020. This new curtain collection is entirely made of Waste2Wear® Ocean Fabrics, containing 100% recycled plastic waste bottles. At least 30% is directly recovered from Chinese coast lines and oceans by local fishermen and plastic pickers.

For Texco’s standard curtain size 45 to a maximum of 80 plastic waste bottles are needed to create the fabric – depending on the fabric quality. Recycled polyester curtains use 70% less energy, 86% less water and have 75% lower CO2 emissions, compared to virgin polyester curtains.

Meaningful step in Waste2Wear’s sustainability ambitions

The collection of curtains is not only a meaningful step in Waste2Wear’s sustainability ambitions, which is to replace all virgin polyester fabrics with recycled ones, but also for the still very traditional curtain industry. Sustainable and circular production is still a novelty. So just like Waste2Wear has done in fashion, it takes again a frontrunner position through relevant and long-term partnerships within the interior area.


CEO of Waste2Wear, Monique Maissan, says:

“The collaboration with Texco Textiles is a perfect example of how partnerships between committed businesses can lead to positive change. Ultimately, leading to a more sustainable textile and interior industry.”

CEO of Texco Textiles, Henk Veldhuis, states:

“If we can contribute to a cleaner world by ‘simply’ replacing our virgin polyester curtains by curtains made of recycled polyester, we’ll of course do that. The collaboration with Waste2Wear makes this possible.”

At Heimtextil, Texco will present various different qualities, showing the versatility of Waste2Wear’s recycled polyester fabrics. From brushed canvas to linen looks, in different weights and in approximately 80 colours.

Visit the dedicated booth with Texco’s more environmentally friendly curtains in Hall 4.1, Stand F06. The look and feel aims to inspire visitors to think about how we should re-evaluate the enormous amount of waste we generate.

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