Waste2wear and the impact of the Corona Virus: an update from our CEO

As Waste2wear we are serving many customers allover the world. We are a company with offices in 4 countries, and we feel the global impact the virus has on each of one of us.

Our Chineses head office managed the difficult situation

At the end of January, just around Chinese new year, we were all taken by surprise by the impact of the terrible virus in China, where our headquarters are located. The country shut down, and we tried to manage our business in the best possible way from a place of isolation. I am very proud of the way our Chinese staff handled this situation. We kept communicating. We managed to arrange masks for our people and families and kept moral high. We prepared and negotiated. We took care of our production relations and made early payments to support our partners so they could pay their staff on time. As a results we secured first production and sample room spaces by the time things would go back to normal.

We only had no idea when that would be.

The virus became a global virus

Now we are back in action after a few weeks and no new cases have been found locally. Having said that, while things are getting smoother here, the world is starting to face the pandemic virus now and in no time it’s a global situation.


We are pro-active in our support

We will keep our communication short, crisp and informative and work pro actively for our associates and clients. Our offices will stay open and our staff outside of China, will mostly work from home. We anticipate to experience some delays in productions from India if factories would be also forced to shut down. In order to avoid this, we are taking all possible precautionary steps and moving some production back to China from India. We will keep you informed.

“We believe in the resilience of our people, our network, our spirit and our creativity to solve problems and face challenges.
We plan to get safely through this, just as we did in China with minimal impact in terms of delivery and service to our customers.”


Stay safe and take social distancing seriously

Having experienced the uncertainty, the limitations, the shortages, the boredom, and the allover fear for something you do not understand, we know this is a terrible predicament to be in. We feel for our colleagues in other offices and for our customers all over the world, and we want to urge everyone to learn from the experiences we had here in China. We know how essential it was to really take this serious and avoid all unnecessary interactions and take the appropriate precautions . We also know, from our own experience, that if we do this, it will stop!

Please take care, stay safe and healthy.

Monique Maissan, CEO Waste2Wear

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