Waste is opportunity

Waste Management from holistic perspective in focus of WMSS 2020

Waste2Wear is creating opportunities to extend our Waste2Wear®Ocean Plastic Initiatives to India, and had inspiring discussions during the WMSS 2020 in New Dehli.


The WMSS 2020 summit aimed at creating knowledge and ambiance for waste management from a holistic perspective. As India produces 60-70 million tonnes of municipal or solid waste every year, it’s time to strategize how to change this challenge into an opportunity.

Our CEO Monique Maissan was invited to speak about circular solutions for the textile industry. As plastic waste management and recycling was the main topic, she presented the Waste2Wear® Ocean Fabrics initiative, in which plastic waste is retrieved from coastal areas and the ocean and used as resource for innovative textiles. She emphasized the importance of transparency within the complete value chain and introduced the Waste2Wear® Blockchain system.

“This allows our customers to track recycled materials all the way back to their source. The blockchain documents and records the journey of plastic waste step-by-step to become a finished textile product”

The summit was opened by Suresh Chandra Sharma, the Convenor of the summit (Formerly Officer in Special Duty – Energy and Climate Change to Government of India and founding member of Petronet LNG)

“Waste management system is currently a very important topic, which should not be ignored for the betterment of this planet, and the beautiful part of it is that India is highly concerned about it.”

Waste2Wear is proud to be play a dynamic role in creating solutions for India

WMSS 2020 is being organized by Indus Exposium and took place at 30th -31st January at Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi (Image Credit: Devdiscourse News Desk)

During an exclusive conversation with Devdiscourse, the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Waste2Wear, Monique Maissan exposes the potentiality of the governments to do plenty of things in waste management system. Many other things have been shared by her on the sidelines of Waste Management Series of Summits (WMSS) 2020 organized in New Delhi on January 30-31.

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