sportswear with a ‘double value’.

The national hockey team of Switzerland partners with Waste2Wear to bring sportswear with a ‘double value’.


The national hockey team went to the final of the Swiss Ice Hockey Challenge, wearing jerseys made of recycled materials.


Switzerland defeated Belarus with an astonishing score of 6:1 in the uniform produced by Ochsner Hockey. The Swiss team switched its usual red and white colours for green, which symbolized the added values of these jerseys to environment.



Leading by example: combining high-performance and sustainability

As a market leader aspiring to lead by example, Ochsner Hockey launched a collaboration with Waste2Wear to offer their clients products with a double value: high-performance and sustainability. The company is committed to include sustainable textiles, in response to growing environmental concerns for the future generations.

Technology for recycling plastic into textiles has been around for some time. When fabric manufacturers figured out a way to put discarded bottles to good use, it was quite limited. It all started with thicker yarns for the stuffing of toys, cushions, and pillows, as well as some homeware.

Actually, sportswear companies have been the first promoters of wearable rPET (fabric from recycled plastic bottles), so in a way we can say, that this sustainable textile made its way to your wardrobes through sports.

Rhaeto Raffainer, Director of the national teams SIHF noted:

“We have been convinced by the quality of the jerseys, and we are pleased that the national team is responsible in the field of sustainability, making a gesture for the environment”.

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