The innovative couturier Gaurav Gupta bonds with Waste2Wear to push recycled plastics

On World Environmental Day 2020 the brand Gaurav Gupta pledged to move towards shifting to recycled plastic packaging.

The luxury couture, eponymous gowns and exquisite tailored suits will be wrapped in a re-usable high quality clothing bag, completely made from recycled plastic bottles.

The designer

Designer Gaurav Gupta whose main inspiration comes from nature, forest, sky, water, shape, form, art and architecture is very aware of the global environmental challenges. After an introduction to Monique Maissan, CEO of Waste2Wear, a company that creates innovative fabrics and great products from discarded plastic waste, it was an easy step to explore what can be integrated into the Gaurav Gupta business.

A pioneer of the new wave of contemporary Indian fashion

Ever since his runway debut in 2006, Gupta has always led the conversation on reinventing conventional fashion with his commitment to his distinct design DNA and he can easily be touted as a pioneer of the new wave of contemporary Indian fashion.

Today, he creates bespoke couture gowns for the clients across the country and internationally, and he is also pushing boundaries of what can be defined as Indian wear and Indo-western wear. His design process starts with the choice of fabrics, choosing the right drape, showing the sparkling luster, creating a comfortable fit. Through the collaboration with Waste2Wear the environmental aspect of the material used will definitely be a point of reverence in the coming developments.

The Brand Gaurav Gupta

The brand Gaurav Gupta was founded in 2004. Gaurav, with his brother and Managing Business Partner Saurabh Gupta, has created a brand that is known across the world, for its breakthrough design philosophy, changing the definition of couture. The dynamics of the power duo has sketched one of fashion’s biggest success story in India.

For more information visit the website of Gaurav Gupta

In October 2019 the Waste2Wear team visited the design studio of Gaurav Gupta. On the picture you see from left to right: Meenakshi Ahluwalia, Monique Maissan, Gaurav Gupta, Jay Gupta and Saurabh Gupta.

We are looking forward to our very creative collaboration!

The clothing bags made from recycled plastic bottles, are designed for jackets, suits and a very special one for gala dresses:

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