Reduce Carbon Footprint

A carbon footprint is a collective term for emissions caused by us humans and our industries, products (such as cars) and mass production of materials (such as plastic), expressed as carbon dioxide (CO2). For example, the manufacture of plastic produces carbon dioxide. Therefore, processing and transporting plastic contribute to a carbon footprint a lot. This is very troublesome, as it endangers our planet and health. We need to reduce carbon footprint.

Reduce your individual carbon footprint

Even as an individual, you contribute to a carbon footprint. By driving a car, tumble drying our clothes, unnecessarily turning up the heating, wasting water (overfilling kettles or taking long showers) and leaving our electric devices on when not in use, just to name a few things. These things have become so normal to us, we don’t even realize we are negatively impacting the environment. However, if we’d all change a few things in our lifestyle, we’d be making big steps toward a healthier planet.


Whether you choose to replace all your lightbulbs with LED lights, replace your electronic kitchen appliances (fridge, oven, microwave) for ‘A++’ rated variants or walk or cycle to work instead of driving the car, you are taking steps towards a better world. Other ways to make a difference include taking less flights, turning off the air-conditioning when you leave your hotel room, using your towels multiple times instead of washing them after every use, airdrying your laundry instead of tumble drying and turning off the tv when no one is watching.  

Help us reduce the carbon footprint

Besides your individual carbon footprint, there’s also a secondary footprint caused by your shopping and eating habits. Help us reduce this carbon footprint by refusing to buy bottled water if tap water is safe to drink, buying local fruits and vegetables and other foods (or growing your own), reducing your meat consumption, buying organic products and recycling as much as possible. Also don’t buy fruits and vegetables that are out of season, as they have most likely been flown in.

Waste2Wear makes a difference

Waste2Wear commits to collecting recycled bottles and turning them into wearables, to prevent them from polluting the land, air and ocean. We are actively trying to make a change and to informing people about the dangers of pollution and carbon footprints. You can support us by buying our products that are made entirely out of recycled plastic bottles.