News, 15.09.2010

Recycled plastic bottles are a great source to create innovative and environmentally friendly fabrics for many different applications such as fashion, outdoors, accessories and home-wear.

We show our highlights in Paris at the Premiere Vision | SMART creations

  • Explore the possibilities of how we can take your ideas and translate them, from a plastic bottle all the way to a finished product.

  • Let us talk about how we can reduce plastic waste together, while at the same time using it as a source for great new fabrics and products.

  • Discover possibilities to integrate coastal and ocean plastic in your RPET fashion qualities to support the fight against ocean pollution.

  • Have a look at Waste2Wear | Ocean Plastic, and the attractive consumer communication to increase awareness!

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Innovative, high quality textiles

Since 2008, Waste2Wear has spent an enormous amount of time and energy on Research and Development to create innovative, high quality fabrics. One of the components of our Waste2Wear fabrics is always GRS certified recycled plastic, but we often combine this with natural fibers.

Very comfortable to wear

Our 100% recycled polyester fabrics are made from very high twisted filament yarns, with a high number of fibers. This increases breathability and makes them very comfortable to wear. We have, in this way, even created special sportswear fabrics which have 8 times better moist absorbtion and breathability than the Adidas Standard.

Many years of experience

With our years of experience, we have managed to create soft finishings and a stable colour outcome. We created our own “W2W color history”, and are well aware of the differences in the reaction of recycled polyester in dying and printing, and have a record of deviations of Pantone numbers.


We comply with the highest level of industry standards for production and have a myriad of certifications to prove our commitment to safety and sustainability. These industry factors, coupled with our social initiatives such as our project in India aimed to lift women out of poverty, are setting us apart from our competition and define Waste2Wear as an organisation dedicated to people over profit.

Our objective

Waste2Wear offers a better alternative for regular polyester that not only has the highest environmental advantages in terms of resource consumption, but also helps reducing plastics from the oceans and the environment. We are committed to constant improvement through research in close cooperation with different universities. Through our recent membership with the microfibre consortium, we are happy to share our knowledge and findings and to find solutions together to reduce the problem of micro-fibres shedding.


Ready for the next step in boosting your sustainability performance? Reach out to us and let’s create solutions to take on plastic waste!