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Fake RPET is a growing challenge in the textile industry. A large proportion of fabrics sold as recycled polyester (RPET) is in fact virgin material. The Waste2Wear patent pending three step verification process RA-3 assures that source material is plastic bottles. In a new collaboration with Waste2Wear, testing and consulting company WESSLING has verified the RA-3 process as an accurate and reliable test of RPET.

Recycling targets have already been laid down in year 1994 in Europe. The “Single-Use Plastics Directive 2” for example says that it is appropriate to call for a minimum content of recycled material in plastic bottles. With such products on market advertised to have a specific content of recycling material, and with laws asking to have a minimum recycling content, today there is an increasing need for testing methods to check and verify the amount of recycling material contained in a product.

How does the verified by WESSLING RA-3 Three Step Assurance test work?

  • Allows testing of any fabric claiming to be made from recycled plastic bottles
  • Verifies if materials is from recycled bottles, as well as the percentage of RPET in the sample
  • Includes three steps: A chemical analysis, microscopic assessment and document validation
  • All products tested receive an RA-3 certificate verified by WESSLING

Waste2Wear has delivered high quality polyester fabrics made from recycled plastics since 2010. Mainly serving B2B, the portfolio of high-quality products made from RPET today includes apparel such as fashion, sportswear, workwear and uniforms, interior textiles such as furniture fabrics, upholstery and curtains as well as promotional items such as shopping bags. Waste2Wear is well known for their transparent supply chain. In addition to the patent pending RA-3 test, the company was also the first in the industry to implement a blockchain  tracing system to allow tracing back from the product to the bottle.

The RA-3 testing service is available for all brands, both customers of Waste2Wear and others. Reach out to for more information on how to get the new 3rd party Verified by WESSLING certificate for any RPET product. 

Monique Maissan, founder and CEO, Waste2Wear  about the new partnership

WESSLING is one of the most recognized certification companies in the world, and we are very happy to announce this partnership. Our R&D team developed the RA-3 test as an extra assurance for our customers. The 3rd party verification by WESSLING, both of our process and for each test we undertake, provides confidence to brands who promote their use of RPET and eliminate the risk of false claims. We are very happy to receive this recognition of our R&D work, and look forward to offering this service to any global brand selling RPET products. 

Dr. Michael Jahnz from WESSLING about the new partnership

WESSLING, a company active in the fields of laboratory analysis and consulting is glad to collaborate with Waste2Wear, an innovative pioneer in the field of recycling of PET bottles to make high quality fabrics, textiles and wear from it. In fact, detecting and proving recycling content is a very challenging task but highly needed in the market. The RA-3 method which was developed in-house of Waste2Wear and checked by WESSLING is a very interesting approach for an independent test. We are very delighted to strengthen our collaboration in this area in the future.

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