The Environmental Impact Report of the collaboration between Waste2Wear and LÄSSIG FASHION

With the use of Waste2Wear®fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles, instead of using virgin polyester 70% less energy, 75% less CO2 and 86% less water is used. We show the cumulative savings of our collaboration to date in this official Waste2Wear®Environmental Impact Report for LÄSSIG FASHION:

Waste2Wear X LÄSSIG FASHION environmental report

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LÄSSIG X Waste2Wear

Truly committed to transforming the textile industry, LÄSSIG and Waste2Wear value long term partnerships. Strengthening our believe that by doing business together we create more impact.

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Doing Business for Good

We believe in doing business for good. That may sound easy, but in practice it means you will face dilemmas. We manage those by staying true to who we are. That’s why we believe a good business relationship starts with talking about values. Reach out to us, let’s talk and start doing business for good!