Première Vision X Monique Maissan, Podcast

Press Interview, 21.08.2019

Première Vision | SMART CREATION,

the podcast, invites you to explore the potential of sustainable fashion. For this 7th episode, we met with Monique Maissan, Founder and CEO of Waste2Wear® (CN).

« Other the years, we, as a company we have recycled about 30 million of plastic bottle and we have saved 2,3 million kilo of carbon and 26 million litres of water and about 26mega heads of energy. »

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Monique Maissan

Following 10 years of research, textile engineer Monique Maissan, a firm believer in the industry’s responsible future, launched Waste2Wear drawing on plastic-recycling technology. This technology can be used to create yarn, textiles and finished products from recycled waste.

The company is working to develop a completely circular system, in which fashion brands would themselves participate in the virtuous circle of recycled textiles.

The company’s factories and partners are GRS, BSCI and Oekotex certified.


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