Plasticity New York, marking a new chapter

News, 08.07.2014


We want Plasticity here in NY to mark a new chapters, and a point in history, whether two years our, or 150 years from now, where people say “this is where the tipping point began.” You are all part of this change, and “team,” whether you like it or not – but hopefully you do like it, and will leave this event inspired to carry the “torch” – the “Olympic flame” of change to your respective businesses and communities.

We have gathered an amazing group of experts here today, all touching and influencing different pieces of the “plastic puzzle,” all of which are interlinked in some way, but which sometimes are not connected, causing a weak link in the chain of the circular economy we are trying to create. We want all of your collective offerings and capabilities working together in an engaged way, so that 1+1=5, instead of just working in silos where closed-loop and the circular economy ethos cannot easily propagate or prosper.

Douglas Woodring, Founder of Plasticity Forum & Ocean Recovery Alliance

Monique Maissan
CEO Waste2Wear
speaking about solutions,
and education of our kids

Waste2Wear: collaborations as a force for good

Waste2wear collaborates with an extensive group of different partners to transform waste into resources through innovative solutions and and the same time to create awareness around the important roll of each individual to keep plastic out of our environment.

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