Plastic Pollution: Look around, it’s everywhere

Plastic pollution is caused by us!


Our way of life is the biggest cause of the plastic pollution problem

Plastic pollution is the accumulation of plastic waste in nature and the ocean.

It affects wildlife and their habitat and also indirectly our own health. Due to the fact that plastic doesn’t degrade biologically, the waste builds up and can release toxins. Plastic pollution is caused by us humans and our way of life. Plastic itself is a fantastic material, which is used almost everywhere because it’s price and durability. It’s used as packaging for food, beverages, beauty products, home utilities, cans, bags and so much more. Disposing of plastic is a tricky thing, as it could cause pollution of the environment  and burning it pollutes the air. That’s why we need to be aware of this major issue and actively increase recycling possibilities.

What can you do against plastic pollution?

To fight plastic pollution, there’s a lot of things we can do. Some of these things are as easy as swapping your usual disposable plastic grocery bag for a reusable fabric one. We need to actively reduce the purchase and disposal of plastic pieces. We need to stop buying disposable products such as make-up wipes, cleaning wipes, cotton swabs and plastic utensils and straws. Also, make sure to separate your plastic waste from your other trash so it can be recycled. When grocery shopping, pick products in paper wrappings about products in plastic packaging to support the companies that are trying to fight plastic pollution by changing their packaging.

Spread awareness!

Waste2Wear is working hard on collecting plastic waste and turning it into great textiles for fashion, workwear, interior and bags. That way we keep plastic within the loop and use it as a resource over and over again. And, last but not least: spread awareness around you. Some people might not know how serious this issue is, so try to educate them and show them it is  possible to make a difference which every purchase they make. 

Let’s reduce plastic waste together!

Read more about our Waste2Wear | Ocean Plastic Project.


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