Plastic Catch: fishermen empowerment through oceans cleanup

News, 12.06.2018

Waste2Wear partnered with Ocean Recovery Alliance to help remove litter from the oceans, give back to the fishermen community and boost your CSR.


46,000 pieces of plastic per every square mile of ocean—UN Environmental Program estimates that is just how polluted our oceans are. This represents a danger to many species of marine animals as well as a threat to our own health and coastal communities. Fishermen are the people who are at sea, day and night, and can be those impacted by plastic in their fishing grounds.



Plastic Catch

Plastic Catch creates a cicrular system by using the value of corporate recycling resources in order to reward small scale fishermen to remove litter from the sea when they are on the water going about their daily activities. The circulatory system also involves companies that generate big amounts of plastic bottles as a side effect of their activities. The participating companies are provided with a powerful mechanism to improve their CSR initiatives.

Collecting plastic waste and transfer it into a resource

The program will inspire fishermen to help the ocean environment they survive from, by giving them an alternative source of income in the form of collecting plastic waste from the sea. The material collected is delivered at a certain time of the week when it is weighed, and a reward in the form of cash or coupon is given on a per-kilo, or bag, basis.

Proper waste management

Funds for Plastic Catch will be generated from large scale collection of plastic bottles or other recyclable plastic from companies and institutions who want to make good use of their resources to help a specific cause. A proper waste management is an important, but a somewhat incomplete environmental endeavor: only when we actually use products made of recycled materials, we trully recycle.

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