Woven Bottles

“It’s not just about developing a sustainable product. It’s the total package of having a good quality product, transparency and good marketing. In Waste2Wear we found a trustworthy partner in our journey to improve the furniture market in becoming more conscious and offering sustainable alternatives.”

Mark van der Aa / CEO Textaafoam

The collaboration

Co-creation is key

For the interior business creating strong textiles with a soft touch is imperative. The collaboration between Waste2Wear and Textaafoam is a combination of profound customer understanding and creative product development for truly sustainable products. The outcome is WOVENBOTTLES: a collection of quality upholstery fabrics made from plastic bottles, offered in many different colours.

Consumers CAN
make a difference!

WOVENBOTTLES mission is to make consumers conscious about the choices they have! It’s crucial to show how they can make a difference with their buying power. For instance, in a regular three seat sofa, upholstered with the quality Regain, around 500 plastic waste bottles are used. Waste that is “regained” and that is not polluting our environment anymore.

Two product lines to start with

Until now we have launched two product lines, with a unique and specially developed 100% RPET (made from recycled plastic bottles) backing:

REGAIN made from 100% RPET, in which the chenille yarn creates deep and warm colours.
SOIL which contains 60% RPET and has a more sporty character.

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Have a look at the positive impact of our collaboration

With the use of Waste2Wear®fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles, instead of using virgin polyester we need 70% less energy, 75% less CO2 and 86% less water.


WOVENBOTTLES is a brand of the Dutch company Textaafoam based in Tilburg. As a family business active in the European upholstery market, Textaafoam is dedicated to making creative choices as easy as possible while always delivering the market’s best buy.

With WOVENBOTTLES they start offering sustainable alternatives for the upholstery market. The impact of the companies ecological footprint is a clear focus point of their agenda, with a commitment to constantly improve their product range and services whilst inspiring others to do the same.