Waste2Wear’s Head Office is in Shanghai and we have a global outreach through a large network of offices and sales agents in 15 countries and we are continually expanding. 


Monique Maissan is a Dutch entrepreneur and textile engineer specialising in sustainable solutions for the industry. As CEO and founder of Waste2Wear, she leads a committed team in creating products from recycled plastic bottles (RPET) since 2007, making them a true pioneer in the industry.

Monique has recently won the Sustainable Entrepreneur of the Year Award, by Entrepreneur’s Organization in 2021.

In 2018, she introduced ocean fabrics in collaboration with local NGOs to target highly congested coastal areas to collect post-consumer, pre-ocean plastic to create new ocean yarns, fabrics, garments and other products. Monique was instrumental in developing the world first post-consumer recycled polypropylene products made from discarded domestic appliances such as fridges and washing machines etc and the creation of the first Blockchain technology in the recycling industry to ensure transparency and full trace-ability of the complete supply chain

In 2021 she introduced the world-first, fully certified testing method to verify RPET content in fabrics, (RA-3) to prove if something is really made from recycled plastic bottles and to what percentage.

Monique has won several awards and is recognised as an influential speaker at numerous global conferences and events.

R&D Director

Eduardo is a Mexican designer based in Shanghai. He uses his creative skills to lead a multidisciplinary team to create awareness on social and environmental issues and to design and implement impact solutions to help companies become more sustainable through innovation in Circular Economy.


Siobhan is an experienced UK ACA qualified financial accountant with experience in audit, financial due diligence and high growth companies. Currently living in Shanghai, Siobhan facilitates strong financial control and supports the rest of the team to deliver the optimal results for our clients, suppliers, collaborators and wider stakeholder groups.

Sales Director

As an international experienced sales professional in textiles, Bart is convinced that we need to focus on sustainable materials. Bart lived in Hong Kong, China, Indonesia and Chile and is currently living in Amsterdam to manage Waste2Wear’s European growth.


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