The textile industry has a murky reputation largely due to lack of transparency in the supply chain. This has also had some negative impact on the sustainable sector. As companies care more about reaching the UN SDGs, (#12) producing sustainably has become more important. 

Recycling Assurance
3-step Test

Nowadays, the fabric market is facing an increasing challenge: With rising demand for recycled materials, virgin polyester is sold with the claim that it is RPET. However, many buyers believe they are using RPET when they are in fact not. 

The difference between virgin and recycled polyester is indistinguishable to the naked eye in terms of look, quality and hand-feel. This has led to some unscrupulous suppliers passing off virgin (or un-recycled polyester) as recycled.

To combat this malpractice, in 2019 Waste2Wear developed The Recycling Assurance three step testing method (RA-3) which is a patent-pending chemical testing method. It is verified by the esteemed testing and consulting company Wessling. 

This test identifies if yarn, fiber or fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles and to what percentage. We can test as little as 2 grams of yarn, a 30cm x 30cm swatch of fabric or a complete garment/product. The test itself takes place in our in-house laboratory under the direct supervision of a qualified Wessling technician. In order to provide the most accurate results, we conduct several different tests on the same materials. This is done over a period of hours and days. After this time a complete set of test reports is issued.

The RA-3 assurance verified by Wessling:

  • 100% proves if the RPET material is made from recycled plastic bottles;
  • Verifies the percentage of polyester that is made from recycled bottles, and what is made of virgin material;
  • Can be applied to fibres, yarns, fabrics, and finished products;
  • Is available for any company that aims to guarantee the veracity of their sustainable claim, assuring that their RPET products are truly made from recycled plastic bottles;
  • Is a 3rd party assurance verified by global leading testing and consulting company WESSLING;
Email ra-3testing@waste2wear.com for information about
testing costs and an application form.

Know what you are working with!

All Waste2Wear fabrics are RA-3 certified and backed with our unique blockchain giving double assurance that our products are indeed recycled. RA-3 testing service is available to any company around the globe that wants to know conclusively if their RPET fabrics are made from recycled plastic bottles. Reports are issued after all tests but only products that pass the test receive the highly coveted RA-3 certificate.

With the RA-3 certification, you ensure that you sell RPET when this is what you have ordered. Your marketing promise and sustainability claim are aligned to best serve your company’s targets.

By proving that your company uses materials made from recycled plastic bottles and what percentage of it is RPET, you guarantee that your recycled content is aligned with your brands’ and retailers’ communication.

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