We have a duty to care for the environment

High performance garments such as workwear, sportswear and uniforms have their own unique requirements. They need to perform in different ways to fashion.

Our years of experience with textiles led us to be experts in developing new fabrics for varying applications.  Good workwear works with you, not against you.

Ergonomics, working comfort, safety and protection are crucial.

Workwear made with our sustainable materials is durable, breathable and designed for freedom of movement—whether you layer it up or down. We prioritize durability results in consuming less energy, wasting less water and creating less trash, because verything we make has an impact on people and the planet.

We are empowered to make changes, to build on our strengths while identifying areas where we can make improvements, and to take action.

We have mapped our sustainability priorities into these three areas: Our Production, Our Products and Our Impact. Our sustainability efforts are focused primarily on these fields, which are often interconnected.

We never compromise on quality, as quality is the best investment for your wallet and the environment.


We are aware that sustainability is a process.

Sustainability is a natural part of what we offer and how we act. We know that we are not perfect, that no matter how much we do within sustainability – we can always do more. This awareness is an integral part of our daily operations and processes:

Being conscious of how our actions have an impact on people and the planet, be it through design, choice of materials or production methods.

Constantly re-evaluating our behaviour, making better choices and finding smarter solutions that can improve our ways of working.

Similarly, through customer demand, we have developed a range of fabrics that are best suited to workwear and uniforms. We have a long standing partnership with The Jane Goodall Institute and have produced their park ranger uniforms for several years. Through our experience in making workwear for a variety of clients we understand the requirements in terms of durability, comfort, breathability. Our workwear delivers.

The fabric we create is very breathable, highly effective at wicking moisture and is very comfortable to wear. We offer a variety of 100% RPET and mixed blend fabrics help out clients reach their UN SDG # 12 ‘responsible consumption and production’.

There is still time to things right!

Get in touch with us today and let us guide your way towards sustainability!

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