The greatest threat to our planet is
the belief that someone else will save it.

Waste2Wear has a long-standing relationship with Tenacity Flooring, a global leader in mid to high-end flooring. Together we developed 100% recycled underflooring for laminate floors. These unique new products are entirely mold resistant and soundproof making them best in class. 

In 2019 we co-created two separate RPET brands with leading upholstery manufacturer Textaafoam under the names ‘Regain’ and ‘Soil’. These high-quality, stylish, and durable fabrics are made entirely from 100% RPET making them the most sustainable offering on the market. Sofas, armchairs and cushions made from these fabric ranges take thousands of plastic bottles out of our environment.

Costa Coffee

Over 45 years’ experience of crafting the finest quality coffee. From revolutionary methods to unforgettable successes that make our story as unique as the taste of our coffee.

Big Potato

Started in 2014 by three friends who met in the advertising industry, Big Potato now designs, manufactures and distributes over 25 games in 26 different countries.


Ocean Tee works with sustainability experts to identify, pioneer and promote environmentally friendly fabrics, materials and processes that produce the highest performing golf gear.


Tenacity floors were developed with a focus on sustainability and safety. All their tiles & planks are safe for our environment, whether that’s the one inside your home or the one we share outside.

There is still time to things right!

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