The Earth is a fine place and worth fighting for.

Since 2017, we have worked with key players in the upholstery world to develop a wide range of 100% RPET, high quality, durable textiles suitable for indoor and outdoor upholstery, curtains, underflooring and the interior design industry.

In order to be fit for purpose, upholstery must stay in vogue for several seasons, be durable and is generally made from thick and heavy material. These combined factors mean that large quantities of plastic waste can be taken out of the environment and given a fresh start inside of homes and offices. This makes a huge positive impact on our world.

Costa Coffee

“This solution takes supply chain sustainability to the next level. Waste2Wear’s blockchain technology allows us to source textiles in a truly sustainable way.”

Big Potato

“We are proud of the efforts we’ve made so far to lessen our impact on the planet.”


“The OCEANTEE pioneering golf cap range has been produced by Waste2Wear using recycled ocean plastic. This amazing company addresses two issues – the staggering amount of plastic waste that is never recycled, and the world’s desire to own new clothes.”


“We are seeing more consumer demand for plastic in our products and felt an obligation to do this responsibly by using recycled plastics with Waste2Wear”

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