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According to the United Nations, every minute people across the globe are buying an estimated 1 million plastic bottles. That’s one and a half billion plastic bottles per day. The figure is staggering and hard to comprehend. 

Our goal is simply to improve the situation and it begins with recycling one plastic bottle at a time because every recycled piece of plastic helps. We don’t have all the answers, but we are really doing our bit to make sustainable products in the kindest way for our planet.

By working with Waste2Wear, our clients reach SDGs 12, 14 & 15 for responsible consumption and production, protecting life below water and life on land. 

With a strong history in fashion, we targeted this market first when we began creating fabrics from RPET in 2007. This was a hard sell back then but some of our incredible clients shared our vision and belief in doing things better in the textile world. Since then we have grown, expanded, and have extensive experience and expertise in producing high-end fashion, sportswear, workwear and uniforms. Todays’ customers are discerning and demand fashion that does not literally cost the earth. Sustainability is sought after. We take pride in our award-winning sustainable supply chain management system supported by our blockchain technology. This provides the highest level of transparency and traceability on the market. 

Waste2Wear fashion has a story. All of our products carry a QR code that shares the sustainable journey from plastic bottle to garment with your end users. We invite your customers to learn where the waste came from and how we turn it into fashion with you. Plus, with our RPET RA-3 assurance certificate, you know that you are receiving the genuine recycled article.

As a B2B company, we can work from your initial fashion sketch or tech packs and are a one stop shop to find the best supply chain to deliver the highest quality, most competitively priced finished sustainable fashion.

We believe that partnerships are key to develop the circular solutions needed for the future. The more we work with you, the better we know your particular needs and deliver exactly what is required.

With well over a decade specializing in the creation of finished fashion items from RPET, we know what works. We have the expertise to create over 100 different fabrics from the finest 35gsm chiffon to 600gsm heavy canvas.

Different fabrics suit different applications and through our knowledge, we can recommend the very best fit for your requirements.

Sustainable Bags
We are experts in producing bags from recycled plastic bottles, single use plastic containers and discarded domestic appliances. Each one of our bags is made with care and designed to last. The fabrics are strong, hardwearing and designed for daily use.
Sustainable Fashion
Whether you want high end haute couture or a street cred beanie, we can make it for you. Hand us your designs and we will do the rest. We make everything from t-shirts, polos, hoodies, shorts, skorts, swimwear, activewear, beanies, scarves, gloves, gilets, jackets, coats, blouses, shirts, skirts, dresses and trousers. You name it, we make it.
Sustainable Sportswear
Today, many sports teams around the world are proud to be wearing uniforms made out of recycled plastic bottles. Quality is not compromised. The opposite is the case. Our fabrics perform as well as and also better than their virgin competitors.
Sustainable Upholstery
In order to be fit for purpose, upholstery must stay in vogue for several seasons, be durable and is generally made from thick and heavy material. These combined factors mean that large quantities of plastic waste can be taken out of the environment and given a fresh start inside of homes and offices. This makes a huge positive impact on our world.
Sustainable Workwear
Workwear made with our sustainable materials is durable, breathable and designed for freedom of movement—whether you layer it up or down. We prioritize durability results in consuming less energy, wasting less water and creating less trash, because everything we make has an impact on people and the planet.
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