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What is RPP?

Polypropylene is a form of hard plastic that is created out of refining petroleum, so it is another scarce and valuable commodity coming out of our earth. What is RPP?

RPP means recycled polypropylene, and it comes from end of life domestic appliances and single use food containers that we turn into yarn, fabrics and finished products. 

Polypropylene is one of the most used plastics in the world, yet at most, it is estimated at only 3% is recycled. This is because PP is mixed with metals and other materials in the making of large domestic appliances such as fridges, washing machines, car dashboards, air conditioners etc. It is laborious and costly to separate the plastic from the metal.

Recycled polypropylene will never be used as a fabric of choice for garments but it is ideal for making strong, durable and long-lasting bags, particularly shoppers. Many of our lightweight RPP shoppers are weight tested to 15kg making them ideal for daily grocery shoppers. These bags can be woven or non-woven, laminated or not. They are very flexible and we create to your design or co-create with you, tapping into our wealth of experience about what works best. 

Other recycled polypropylene bags on the market are generally only 20% recycled in order to satisfy the legal requirement in some countries to use the word ‘recycled’. The remaining 80% is newly produced polypropylene which is an exhaustible valuable resource. This compounds the issue of plastic waste. Our RPP bags are guaranteed 100% recycled polypropylene taken from discarded, end of life domestic products and single use food containers. This way, we are certain we deliver the most sustainable RPP bags on the planet.

The method that Waste2Wear uses to create recycled polypropylene products consumes 46% less water, 71% less CO2 and 88% less energy than producing virgin polypropylene. Thus reusing some of our earth’s valuable and exhausting resources. 

This is a costly and lengthy process which means that our MOQs for bag production is high. It starts at around 50,000 units. This is due to the labour and processes involved in setting up the production runs.

There is still time to make things right!

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