Doing the right thing!

Not only does RPET leather make you look good, it also makes you feel good because it’s cruelty-free.

Vegan alternatives to genuine animal leather have traditionally been made from plastic leather, otherwise known as ‘pl-eather’. Our mission is to reduce the amount of virgin plastic in circulation. As such, our fabric department and our R&D team paired up to create the world-first non-animal leather, made from plastic bottles. You can feel good, knowing that you have not harmed any animals, nor our precious planet when you buy our RPET leather.


Traditionally faux leather and the so-called “vegan” leather have been made from heavy solvent-based polyurethane. The Waste2Wear fabric department, supply chain department and R&D department collaborated in the last couple of years to create a unique offering to the textile world. The result of all this research is a recycled PET leather is made of two layers of recycled polyester and a thin water-based lamination that gives a realistic and high-quality hand feel.

The product is made from 95% RPET which makes the end product fully circular. At the end of its second life, it can be recycled. This makes it the first responsibly produced recycled fabric leather alternative on the market. The RPET leather we create comes in two qualities. One is ideal for upholstery as it is thick, supple and hard-wearing.  The other quality has 3 layers of RPET bonded together in an ingenious way.

This quality is stiff making it ideal for ladies fashion bags and other unisex holdalls that need the strength to stand alone and carry weight. This RPET leather can be printed or used as solid with different kinds of surfaces mimicking various leather with a range of grains and structures.

There is still time to things right!

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