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Recycling plastic waste and turning it into sustainable fabrics and other materials is a complex business, especially in an industry where innovation is so important. We investigate plastic waste streams and experiment to invent new innovative textiles.

Innovation is key to us, and we were one of the first companies in the world to have created soft and silk-like fashion fabrics out of recycled polyester. The frequent chase for innovation and years of experience in testing and development has given Waste2wear the confidence that almost any fabric can be developed with RPET yarns. 

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Innovation Driving Sustainability

Innovative Fabrics and Transparent Supply Chain

In Waste2Wear we not only create innovative fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles, but we also use them in combination with other equally sensible materials (such as eco-friendly cotton, organic cotton, wool, or viscose) to create a wide range of sustainable fabric options. Our product range is from silk-like, high-end polyester, to sturdy shopping bags made from RPP.

We can provide recycled textiles to factories producing finished goods, already with full blockchain verification. We can compose a value chain from plastic bottles to finished products produced at our partner factories.

Know What You Are Working With

We ensure this by implementing blockchain technology and third-party certifications across our value chain, from collecting plastic waste to the end product, while being flexible and able to offer business a fully customized service. Pioneering, collaborative, and solution-driven is how we inspire others to become more circular and sustainable.

We operate across four business areas: promotional business, apparel & accessories, interiors and other (including hard plastics, packaging, and industrial applications).

Our approach?
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Collaborating with our partners is crucial to create new solutions.

Increase your positive impact and take concrete steps towards circularity by co-creating tailor-made sustainable textiles made from recycled polyester and connect with our network.

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