KIDS - input & ideas

We feel it is important to inspire youngsters to take care of their environment.

That it is normal to be careful with your things and that waste is not just waste, but it can also be a great source for new products!


Education, inspiration, creating awareness en listening to their thoughts and ideas!

This is exactly how the following kids movie came about:

For Kids brand Oilily we created special hangtags with fun illustrations:

Do you have a good idea you want to share with us?

How do you want to inspire your friends to not use that many plastic items, to always use your own refillable water bottle? To collect plastic and put it in the proper waste bins for recycling? How to re-think what you wear? Do you borrow clothes from your friend? 
We love to hear your thoughts! Please do mail your idea, drawing and/or explanation to us and who knows: maybe your idea will be part of the next waste2wear-movie, hangtag or campaign shoot.