Kids videos, October 2016

We are happy to support kids-education concerning environmental subjects

With our educational videos and learning materials we like to teach the kids about environmental issues, with a focus on disposable items and the importance of recycling processes. Our content-care labels always show the interesting information how many bottles are used to make that specific garment, sportswear shirt or great backpack. Let our kids be proud at what they do for the environment!

The WHY of recycling

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…

Watch this video to see how many millions, billions and trillions of single use plastic is stuck in our environment. And understand why things need to change.

See what you can do

The recycling journey and our call for your help!

It is important to buy less and less single use plastic bottles. But if you drink a coke or soda then put the empty bottle in the right disposal bin. Have a look at the movie to see why

Recycled or recyclable?

Recycled versus Recyclable

Have a look at the difference between recyclable and being recycled. Two very important subjects for you to understand.