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Waste2Wear is a pioneer in turning plastics into products since 2007.

We are on a mission to do business for good one recycled piece of plastic at a time. Helping our clients reach their sustainable development goals with our responsible production and caring for life on land and below water.

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Mission & Vision

Mission: We are on a mission to do business for good, one piece of recycled plastic at a time. Waste2Wear is relieving the planet of its waste and helping its clients reach their UN SDGs by offering innovative products alongside a responsible and transparent supply chain.

Vision: Use waste plastics as viable and sustainable resources to offer effective manufacturing solutions. We intend on becoming the industry standard for plastic waste-reduction.

Management goals and strategy

With a strong foundation built on extensive experience, we continue to provide cutting-edge solutions in recycled textile manufacturing while expanding our reach to also include other high-value sectors. Waste2Wear’s ultimate goal is to revolutionize waste reduction across multiple industries.

Through a carefully crafted strategy aimed at providing clients with a full-service approach to sustainable change, we apply our industry-leading techniques to deliver products of unparalleled quality and value. Building upon our existing global presence, we are committed to establishing ourselves as the go-to source for sustainable solutions in the plastic waste-reduction space.

Product offering

Our core products are turning PET and PP plastic into a range of recycled textile products. We make fabrics, bags, garments, plush toys, curtains, upholstery, art canvasses, under flooring and more from (RPET) plastic bottles. We make our re-usable shopping bags and packaging good from recycled (RPP) taken from end-of-life large domestic appliances and single use food containers.

Our 2 core services focus on all ESG aspects of our products to ensure each item purchased by an end consumer was manufactured in an ethical and sustainable way. Often sustainable solutions are not what they say they are – whether it’s the materials themselves or the production processes in which they are subject to. Waste2Wear’s blockchain-based supply chain traceability service and RA-3 RPET verification testing method, tackle the fundamental causes of greenwashing within the industry.


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As pioneers in turning waste-plastics into manufacturing materials and consumer products, we prioritize ethical conduct and responsible leadership across all aspects of the business. Our commitment to corporate governance is rooted in our obligation to serve our shareholders and ensure the success of our business. To provide accountability and transparency, we have established a set of guidelines that outline the standards and procedures that guide our decisions and actions. These guidelines are subject to review and modification as necessary to ensure that we remain compliant with applicable laws and regulations and continue to act in the best interests of our stakeholders.

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