Inspiring collab between famous restaurant GLAM, bespoke artist BASMAT & Waste2Wear

News, 18.11.2019

“Message in a bottle ” is an art installation printed on fabrics made from recycled ocean bottles.

Thew colourful printed textiles are covering THE WALL AT GLAM on the Bund in Shanghai, in order to support the conversation, and the movement to help protect our planet through the combination of experience, sustainability and art.

Art as a tool to ignite the conversation

This installation, a vivid wall2wall kaleidoscope of colours and patterns represents people and creations of nature flowing into one another in perfect harmony, as the world should be.

Message in a bottle

The collaboration between the Israeli artist Basmat Levin and Waste2Wear is based upon the shared believe that action is needed to find solutions for the plastic pollution.

“MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE is my way of reminding ourselves that the MESSAGE IS THE BOTTLE”

“As an artist who can reach others, I feel I have a responsibility to bring awareness about the importance of sustainability. Year after year we continue to produce plastic bottles worldwide: Plastics which ends up in our oceans and harms not only marine life but the entire food chain.”

Quote: Basmat Levin

Basmat Levin

Basmat captures the world’s energy through colors. Her work expresses a kaleidoscope of feelings that come from the soul. Levin synthesizes faces, patterns and vibrant colors together to inspire energy and emotion.

Her latest installations include The Lobby at 1410 Broadway, Times Square, New York; MOCA Museum Pavilon in Shanghai; iGreen at Shanghai Pujiang Park; “Wall” at Art Stage Singapore; “My Magic Wall” in Suzhou; Frishman 46 Art Space in Tel Aviv, graffiti on an entire building at the water town of Zhujiajiao, China, and the VIP lounge at the San Juan International airport, Costa Rica.

The collaboration with Waste2Wear is also visible in a range of colourful printed bags.


Glam, part of the M restaurant group and home of the Shanghai International Literary Festival is an award winning restaurant overlooking Shanghai’s famous Bund. Glam plays host to film screenings, talks and art shows and the most glamorous of parties throughout the year.

The Wall at Glam

Is an opportunity for up- and coming designers, artists and creatives to exhibit their work and projects in this vibrant space.


Waste2Wear: collaborations as a force for good

Waste2wear collaborates with an extensive group of different partners to transform waste into resources through innovative solutions and and the same time to create awareness around the important roll of each individual to keep plastic out of our environment.

Become part of the solution & reduce plastic pollution!
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