Innovation for a sustainable ocean

The aim of World Oceans Day at June 8, is to support the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal (“SDG”) 14 of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It is clear that the oceans deserve our attention everyday and we are happy to be invited by the Global Fashion Exchange to speak about our ocean projects at July 13 – 09:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada see link below for direct connection)

Our CEO Monique Maissan will speak with Milo Tricot, Creative Director and Consultant of Mireia Lopez  about the social economic implications of fisheries + covid, The Ocean Plastic Project and the environmental impact from transforming plastic waste into new sources.

Inspiring range of ocean related talks

In this interview range, starting July 10, GFX brought together brilliant minds and change-makers creating a positive impact for the oceans through the lens of the fashion industry. We will never be able to completely fulfill SDG 14 if the textile industry does not take serious actions for improvements and innovation. We are committed to take our part in cleaning the oceans, by collecting plastic waste from rivers,  coastal areas and the ocean itself and recycle this post consumer waste into valuable new resource for textiles in a complete transparent value chain, verified by blockchain technology. Do you want to know more? Then listen to the interview and get in contact with our team.