Global Assembly Waste2Wear

News, 23.12.2019

Global Assembly Waste2Wear: an inspiring event with many learnings!

As waste2Wear is growing and the team is working from many different places around the world, a global assembly was organised and opportunities were discussed. It is clear that the moment for change is NOW and our goal to substitute all virgin polyester in global textiles with Waste2Wear®fabrics is put into action!


During the three-day event we gained great insides in each others markets and market needs. From the Head office we were briefed about the working structure and procedures needed to control our value chain from waste-bottle to final product and in-time delivery. The tour through the recycling plant gave us the opportunity to really understand the challenges around the recycle process and the continuous output of quality products.

Many thanks to all organizers, who did a tremendous job of coordinating these 3 days in such a successful way 🙂


Waste2Wear International Team: Charles, Helen, Orla, Monique, Wilma, Eduardo, Gill, Fleur, Steven, Vicky, Lawrence, Lars, Niccy, Rashmi, Meenakshi, Jamie, Nanette, Katerina, Bart.