Grand Hyatt and Waste2Wear join forces to bring Circular Economy to the hotel industry

Press release, 16.05.2019

Grand Hyatt Singapore has taken the first step towards circular solutions by dressing its chefs and cooks with Waste2Wear® aprons made from recycled plastic bottles.

“Every industry needs to become more sustainable to keep up with the expectations of conscious consumers. Grand Hyatt Singapore has decided to be a front runner for the hospitality industry by incorporating recycled textiles in their garments for the first time and we are glad to collaborate with them to make this happen”

says Monique Maissan, CEO and Founder of Waste2Wear,
a company specialized in the production of textiles from recycled plastics.

Each apron is made using 7 bottles and saves 86% water, 70% energy, and 75% Co2 emissions.

“The switch to Waste2Wear aprons represents yet another chapter of our sustainable journey, and the perfect complement to existing sustainable initiatives such as our Food Waste Management Plant, sustainable beverages, Nose-to-Tail cooking methods, the use of sustainably sourced ingredients and more”

says Sebastian Kern, Assistant Director for Food & Beverage at Grand Hyatt Singapore.


The aprons are made from 7 used plastic bottles and use a groundbreaking technology by Waste2Wear called Econs-white® to produce white garments without using bleachers that would damage the environment. White fabrics have always been a challenge for recycled textiles as the plastic bottles used as a base tend to bring blueish tones to the garments.

“It would be a contradiction to use environmentally damaging chemicals to make a product from recycled materials”

says Jaimie Lim, Director of Waste2Wear for Singapore.

Transparent and compliant

Certified by GRS (Global Recycling Standard) and using its proprietary Recycle Assurance 3-step (RA-3) system to prove the content of recycled materials, Waste2Wear ensures transparent and compliant production processes. All the products are controlled throughout the entire supply chain —all the way from used bottle to final product— to guarantee compliance with the higher environmental and social standards.

About Waste2Wear

The international textile brand Waste2Wear® has been producing fabrics and textile products from recycled plastic bottles since 2008. As a frontrunner in sustainable textiles, Waste2Wear focuses on innovation to challenge the industry and bring positive environmental impact and social change through circular economy solutions. Plastic bottles can be used as a resource not only for aprons but also for upholstery, curtains, uniforms and a broad variety of sustainable products.

Waste2Wear is looking forward implementing more and more recycled products with Hyatt Singapore hotel.



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