Founder of Waste2Wear was honoured with IWEC Challenge Award 2018!

Monique Maissan, CEO and Founder of Waste2Wear has received the International Women’s Entrepreneurial Challenge Award 2018 from the IWEC foundation in recognition of her work as an entrepreneur in circular solutions and innovation for the textile industry.


Female power in global business
IWEC is a network of successful women business owners with proven track records in revenue, employee base, trade, innovation and corporate social responsibility.


Closing the gender gap

The International Women’s Entrepreneurial Challenge Foundation (IWEC) is a registered nonprofit organisation based in New York City. As a global initiative, it provides networking, educational and mentoring opportunities for successful female business owners helping them gain and expand access to international markets. IWEC’s work is supported by the U.S. Department of State.
IWEC understands that providing access, resources, and support to help enable the success of female entrepreneurs is key to ensuring women’s economic participation, driving global economic growth, and closing the gender gap.

Promoting social dialog and connectivity

The IWEC network is focussing at the exchange of knowledge, experience, and connectivity among women business owners, setting the stage for new opportunities and joint ventures, and promoting social dialog among women entrepreneurs and business leaders.

IWEC’s ecosystem
IWEC’s ecosystem is comprised of women-owned companies around the globe whose combined annual revenue is over US$25 billion dollars, and who employ over 125,000 workers worldwide. Simply put, IWEC’s constituents represent some of the most influential businesswomen from the world’s most important emerging and established regions.


Pictures: Waste2Wear CEO Monique Maissan, with Ruth A. Davis, IWEC Chairwoman, USA
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