Why does recycling plastic matter?

It is estimated that a staggering one and a half billion plastic bottles are bought and thrown away across the globe every day. We believe that waste is only waste when we don’t do anything with it. We see these bottles as a viable, eco-friendly and sustainable resource. Humankind is exhausting and polluting our planet, and that is exactly why we need to be more responsible and take care of our home. We need to rethink how we use our valuable resources. 

We are always looking for alternative ways to use plastic waste to reduce the plastic problem. In addition to recycling plastic bottles into sustainable fabrics and finished products, we recycle polypropylene, nylon and high impact polystyrene. Create hyperlinks under RPP, R-Nylon and HIPS to explain what they are. What is the vegan leather made from? We need to add an explainer here.

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