What about full circularity?

Polyester garments can be recycled indefinitely through a chemical process that breaks down polyester to its basic components (PTA + EG). These components can later on be re-polymerized to create RPET again. This process can be repeated indefinitely as the chemically recycled polymer has the same attributes as virgin materials. This is different with the traditional mechanical recycling (melt and extrude) that only can go through a certain amount of cycles due to material degradation. However, at this moment, the companies with the technology to do so are in a stage in which the level of efficiency and scale makes the process still quite expensive.

There are at the same time several very promising initiatives in Asia and in Europe from which we have partnered with some of them to collaborate and define value chains beyond end-of-life cycles of garments. We will publish our progress through our site and social channels.

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