Innovative, high quality textiles

Since 2008 we have spent an enormous amount of time and energy on  Research and Development to create innovative, high quality  fabrics. One of the components of our Waste2Wear fabrics is always recycled plastic, but we often combine this with natural fibers. 


Very comfortable to wear

Our 100% recycled polyester fabrics are made from very high twisted filament yarns, with a high number of fibers. This increases  breathability and makes them very comfortable to wear. We have in this way even created special sportswear fabrics which have 8 times better moist transport and breathability than the Adidas Standard.


Many years of experience

With our years of experience, we have managed to create soft finishings and a stable colour outcome. We created our own “W2W color history”, and are well aware of the differences in the reaction of recycled polyester to  dying and printing and have a record of deviations of Pantone numbers.

Fully traceable value chain

We provide full transparency and traceability using blockchain technology and certifications in every step of the value chain, leaving no doubt about the origin of our products and whether they were made in a responsible way.

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