Extended Blockchain Service

Now Offering Additional Services

Having worked with recycled products for many years, we understand that our customers have needs in addition to our standard offering. 

If you buy fabric only from Waste2Wear and want blockchain through to the end of your supply chain, we are happy to help.

Similarly, if you want to personalise the landing pages and even the video linked to your QR code, we can assist you.

We understand that our clients might have different needs and that’s why we’ve adapted our service to provide tailored solutions to suit their unique needs.


Our blockchain follows the supply chain through the steps Waste2Wear is managing. If we only deliver fabrics to the customer, the blockchain does not track the production of finished garments or products. 


What’s in it for me?

  • Transparency of the supply-chain
  • Veracity of digital records through physical proofs
  • Source and journey of the recycled materials: from waste to product
  • Compliance and certifications of each supplier involved in the chain

What if I only buy fabric?

We guarantee our blockchain from bottle collection to the end of our GRS certified supply chain. If you only need our fabric, you will receive a QR code leading your customers to an image of the fabric we have produced for you.

Scan the two QR codes to see the difference.

If you are buying fabrics from Waste2Wear, but use your own partners for the final product, we can only include our blockchain tracing to the end of our supply chain, in this case to fabric production.


Marketing Services

​​Waste2Wear delivers QR codes on our products verified by blockchain, which give access to information about the product and recycling. We offer customization for brands and products who want to change the landing pages and the information displayed in it.

What’s in it for me?

  • Customize the landing page to the clients brand look 
  • Change the menu items on the landing page 
  • Make EIR report per product, rather than standard per order
  • Add product photos on the EIR report
  • Make product specific videos 
  • Make videos with filming during actual production 

Our marketing services are organised in three different levels:

Level 1: 

For your product to feature at the end of the ‘how it’s made’ video and on the environmental impact report.

Level 2: 

To personalize the landing page to show your product, to include your logo, to change all tabs to your corporate colours and design, and to feature your product at the end of the ‘how it’s made’ video

Level 3: 

To personalize as above including customizing the video to show your product being produced.

For more information about Waste2Wear Marketing Services, contact our sales agents in one part of the Waste2Wear supply chain



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