Documentaries at Dutch television

Dutch Television, October 2018

How plastic waste, retrieved from the ocean and picked from coastal areas becomes new relevant product

The team of Waste2Wear and their commitment for the Ocean Plastic Project has been filmed in 3 documentaries for the Dutch television. Produced by RTL TV and broadcasted in September and October 2018 on the show Doe Maar Duurzaam

The journey

Part I: The journey from plastic waste to fashion

How does a plastic bottle taken from the beach in China ends up in a fashion shop in the Netherlands?


Part II: Innovation in plastic recycling

Waste2Wear, a research organization, and a university lab join forces to bring recycling to the next level. (Dutch spoken)

The people

Part III: The human side of recycling

The people that make this happen share their perspectives and their commitment to reduce ocean plastic waste. (Dutch spoken)