Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Waste2Wear advocates for sustainability in the textile industry and creates a positive environmental impact by applying circular economy solutions to reducing plastic waste. Our goal is to recycle as much plastic waste into new textile products as possible. Since 2007, our core business is turning plastic bottles (pre-landfill and pre-ocean) into recycled yarns, fabrics and finished garments (RPET) making us a true pioneer in this industry. Waste2Wear is based in Canada and led by a CEO from the Netherlands. We have subsidiaries located in eg. the Netherlands, Hong Kong, China, the United States and the UAE. Additionally, we are preparing to open a new subsidiary in Vietnam.

Finished RPET Products

In 2018 we perfected the method of extracting and recycling the polypropylene parts from large domestic appliances and single use food containers. To our knowledge, we are the only company making 100% recycled polypropylene (RPP) bags and packaging from this source material. We provide a responsible, traceable and measurable value chain through our award-winning sustainable blockchain. This is only possible with our impeccable quality control (QC) team managing and training our network of reliable suppliers and partners.

When CEO, Monique Maissan moved to China in 1998, she had the vision to change the textile industry for good. Her passion, fueled by her expertise, knowledge, and endless factory trials, resulted in the ability to create beautiful yarns, fabrics, garments, and other textile goods from recycled plastics. Her mission is to innovate products from plastic waste to relieve the planet of this enormous environmental problem. This message is the driving force behind Waste2Wear. The entire team is committed to positive change and can prove it.


Every Waste2Wear product is verified by award-winning blockchain technology. This technology traces the supply chain from the source of the waste plastic to the completion of the finished product ensuring that an accurate environmental impact report is provided to each client showing the cumulative savings of energy, water and Co2. This is recorded and shared with the end consumer via a QR code on every product.

Unfortunately the textile industry is rife with fakes. Recycled polyester is indistinguishable to the naked eye from it’s natural-resource-draining alternative; virgin polyester. As virgin polyester is easier, quicker and cheaper to make than the sustainable alternative, unscrupulous suppliers often sell unwitting customers, virgin polyester under the guise of recycled polyester. This led our ambitious R&D department to devise a three step chemical test (RA-3) for yarns, fabrics and finished textile goods to identify the presence of plastic bottle content.  Since 2020, this test is commercially available and third party verified by Wessling laboratories.

RA-3 Testing

As true pioneers in plastic to textile recycling, we applaud any other company in this field. The more plastic that is recycled and reused, the better. With our blockchain verification and RA-3 assurance, we guarantee our clients transparency at every stage of the supply chain and test our fabrics to prove it. We simply deliver more.

According to the United Nations, every minute people across the globe buy an estimated 1 million plastic bottles. That’s one and a half billion plastic bottles per day. The figure is staggering and hard to comprehend. Our goal is simply to improve the situation and it begins with recycling one plastic bottle at a time. By working with Waste2Wear, our clients reach United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) # 12, #14 & #15 for responsible consumption and production, protecting life below water and life on land.

It is estimated that only 1% of all polypropylene used around the world is ever recycled. That’s where we get involved. We take end of life domestic appliances and single use food containers and recycle them into strong, durable and long lasting bags and other packaging materials. It’s not enough to recycled, we want to PROVE that what we say is what we do. This is achieved through our award winning blockchain and RPET verification test, RA-3.

From the outset, Monique and the Waste2Wear team were on a mission to do things better when tackling the ever-increasing mountains of plastic waste. It began with plastic bottles, and continued with PP. Our creative R&D team is constantly innovating how to do things smarter and more efficiently. In 2022, they developed another world-first: a cruelty free leather alternative, made from 95% RPET. The team has also developed environmentally sound recycled polyethylene (RPE) mailer bags. The company has been experiencing a phase of growth and expansion.

Our brand has been recognized at the highest level for our industry with regard to sustainability awards.



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