Waste2Wear high-performance workwear is suitable for harsh work conditions while being comfortable and sustainable.

Waste2Wear work and corporate garments

The Waste2Wear® corporate uniforms and work apparel department has been designing and supplying quality uniforms to a wide range of businesses since 2009.


Today successful companies realize the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility. Waste2Wear® supports CSR initiatives with work apparel, by combining fashion and sustainability we produce high quality garments made from eco-friendly Waste2Wear® fabrics.


Employees feel great about wearing uniforms made with Waste2Wear® because wearing “the responsible thing to do” looks good, feels good, and makes an impact!


By selecting sustainable corporate apparel, your company will continuously give back to nature and society without interrupting regular work activities or conducting external programs.


The production of Waste2Wear® fabric turns environment-damaging waste into wearable fabric. One simple skirt made with Waste2Wear® fabric recycles 13 plastic bottles, and now imagine what your company could do for the environment if each employee was outfitted in a recycled uniform!


Waste2Wear® warmly invites you to contact us with any questions or enquiries about sustainable corporate uniforms.