We create innovative fabrics from recycled plastics.

We reduce plastic waste by using post consumer plastics from the oceans and landfill as source for new relevant product.

We offer you a customised service solution
Managing the complete value chain from collecting plastic waste to creating the innovative fabrics and textile products you require.

We provide full transparency, traceability and certifications

in every step of the value chain, leaving no doubt about the origin of our products and whether they were made in a responsible way. 

Sustainable fabrics made from recycled PET bottles

Apparel, Workwear, Uniforms, Bags,

Interior, Packaging, and your next design in recycled polyester.

From high-end fashion to

shopping bags and everything in the middle.

Waste2Wear social programs to reduce plastic pollution and empower rural women in India

Innovation through collaboration: exploring circular solutions together 

We create traceable ocean plastic fabrics

using blockchain technology

We’re co-creating products with our customers,

because reducing plastic waste is a huge task.
Together we create more impact!

By improving livelihoods we create social impact,

because reducing plastic waste goes beyond the environmental impact. 

How can we support you on your sustainable journey?

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