Sometimes it's hard to believe that these amazing fabrics are actually made out of recycled plastic. That's why we have different ways to assure that this is 100% true.

The value chain of recycled plastics

Replacing traditional materials with recycled feedstock requires know-how. Being a frontrunner in this field, we’ve noticed there’s a need for more clarity about the value chain of post-consumer plastic waste. From where it’s sourced, all the way up to the end-product. Waste2Wear offers this clarity using blockchain technology, recycling assurance and certifications.

The waste2wear blockchain

secures traceability within the complete value chain and offers an important opportunity for brands to communicate sincerely about the socio-environmental impacts. Through a QR code on the final product the end consumer will be clearly informed about the location where the waste was collected and the impact reduction of this product.
In collaboration with experts, Waste2Wear has created the first blockchain system to trace recycled materials all the way to their source and provide verifiable tracking information during the production stages
This enables us to provide our customers complete transparancy, from the fishermen who collected the plastic, up to the final product, and all steps in between. Leaving no doubt that all fabrics and textile products are made out of post-consumer plastic waste collected from oceans, and saved from ending up on landfill.

Waste2Wear RA-3 Standard® (Recycling Assurance 3)


Waste2Wear Recycling Assurance 3-Step Standard is an exclusive assessment process to verify the content of recycled PET in our products and to guarantee the number of bottles that have been used in every case.




Chemical analysis

Microscopic assessment

Document Validation

3rd party certifications


The Global Recycle Standard (GRA) is the industry standard certification to verify recycled content. Waste2Wear takes the GRS to the next level by adding a variety of partners in the textile and fashion supply chain. Think of dyeing and printing mills or garment factories. This way we are able to certify the whole value chain, allowing Waste2Wear’s final products to bare the GRS certification logo on the packaging. This is unique in the market.