“For our market, polyester is by far the most commonly used raw material. That is the reason
why our product development department was keen to use RPET, made from used plastic bottles. There are providers all over the world that process PET into yarns, but we were looking for a fully reliable and certified partner, whom we found in Waste2Wear”.

Michiel van der Aa, Chief Commercial Officer Textaafoam


Textaafoam is an upholstery fabric supplier in The Netherlands, and a major player in the
European furniture and bedding industry, targeting the middle segment.
Textaafoam is always on the cutting edge of product development. In 2018, the company began to
develop plans to launch a range of sustainable fabrics to meet the demands of their environmentally
minded customers.
What could have polluted our nature and oceans now makes furniture look great.
Collaboration: We play our part in doing our planet a favour.


Textaafoam felt the need to take environmental responsibility by developing and offering sustainable
fabrics, which answers their clients’ demands.
By developing the Woven Bottles brand with Waste2Wear and the sub-brands ‘Regain’ and ‘Soil’,
Textaafoam is really making an impact in reducing plastic pollution while saving on raw materials and
With Waste2Wear, the company now has a reliable and transparent partner for the full supply chain;
from the collection of used PET bottles to the production of the yarn and subsequent logistics.
The recycling process uses only a fraction of the water and energy needed for conventional fabrics so it’s
kind to the planet.

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